PaySmart is very quick and easy.  When I call in I don’t even have to name my companies.

Lee Cadwallader - Select Collision Group
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Important information

  • New federal OT rules go into effect 12/1/16! Talk to your accountant or other trusted business advisor now to plan for the potential impact!

  • Reminder: Monday, 5/30/16 is a Bank Holiday!

  • The City of Harrisburg has a new LST rate of $156 - retroactive to Jan. 1. We'll keep withholding $1/week through June 30. On July 1, we'll start withholding $5/week.

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Our New Client Concierge makes your transition to PaySmart easy and painless. Working with you every step of the way

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  • Does data entry to get you in the PaySmart system.
  • Assembles employee information.
  • Helps set up online systems to easily access PaySmart files.
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